Remember that one morning mom was waiting with us for the bus to go to camp? I think it was around 4th and 5th grade that we were in. It was the first or second day of camp. We stood at the end of our driveway, backpacks slung over our shoulders. Mom stood back from the road to make sure we got on the right bus and to see what time it came.

A bus came flooring it around the turn at the bottom of our hill and went right by us. A bunch of kids of all ages stared at us out the windows as they passed. We shared a look of confusion that we hadn’t been picked up.

It pissed mom off and she took off after them, shouting and waving a newspaper in the air. “You forgot my kids! Hey!”

Our faces turned red with embarrassment as she continued to chase the bus the rest of the way up the hill. When it was clear she wasn’t going to catch the bus and it wasn’t going to stop, she came back to the driveway. She kept saying she was going to call the camp and complain about the driver.

Just as she was about to head back inside our actual bus came up the hill and picked us up.

Embarrassing at the time but we joked about this not long ago.