My brother’s wife and I went to a psychic. Or are they called mediums? Looking at her business card she calls herself a Spiritualistic Medium. So I guess that answers that. His wife has had a thing about visiting one since he passed in December. We went to a show at the Funny Bone in Albany but nothing came of it. I mean when there’s a group of 200+ people we can’t all get a reading in 2 hrs.

She decided to do a one on one reading and didn’t want to go alone. So I agreed. I’m a huge skeptic when it comes to these matters but I wanted to support her. It’s  difficult time for all of us. I figured maybe she’d change my mind.

Underwhelming experience. Still don’t know how much I believe in it. The first half of my reading was from my grandfather who passed before either my brother or I was born. He apparently came through and was spouting non sense. The medium said I should ask my father about him and even he said most of it was non sense. Only part of it made sense to him.

The second half required her to touch some possession of my brother’s. We brought a hat. We didn’t have a lot of things he wore/used a lot. Most of his things were still at his apartment with his friend. Who would’ve guessed they’d choose today to bring his stuff back home while we were at the reading? Anyways, so we brought a hat that he wore several times. Not much, but definitely the most from our options.

I don’t feel like getting into a lot of details for this. It’d take much too long to write. Basically she said he was a cussing, loud mouth, who loved to drink. Not far off. Hit the nail on the head, actually. But she stayed in his “drunk” persona and talked more non sense. I mean, most of what she said anyone could say to a grieving family who just wants to hear that their loved one is doing great on the other side and is pain free.

I don’t believe this changed how I view mediums at all. I think I’ll just remain a skeptic. The only way at this point is if something… personal is said that wasn’t so generic.