Cape Cod vacation. No idea when this was.


I believe this is the house we stayed at in Cape Cod all those years ago. And in this house we were playing Uno on the porch. There were always a lot of us that went on vacation. The whole extended family which ended up being… almost 20 of us. Us kids would always play some game for “prizes”,  most of which could be found around our aunt’s house.

You were mad when you didn’t win that you screamed for mom who stood in the kitchen next to the porch. Throwing down your cards you sprinted for her, she never heard you, and smashed right into the glass door that separated the porch from the kitchen. Full sprint.

All the adults, but mom who never heard any of it, ran to see if you were okay. In a daze you replied “I’m okay.”

Mom finally noticed the commotion and opened the door to say “What?”

Always one of my favorite memories from Cape Cod.