On Easter, I simply wore shorts covered in dried paint from when I painted my room several years ago and a plain T-shirt. Normally I’d dress up a little bit. I normally do for the holidays. They’re special occasions I like to look nice for. Not so much now. They no longer have that meaning to me. I’ve said it multiple times already, I don’t want to celebrate holidays anymore. They’re not the same and they never will be. I want to treat them like just any other days. Nothing special anymore.

Getting back on track, I am an incredibly pale human. Casper the friendly ghost is darker than me. They don’t even make makeup pale enough for me (that I have managed to find at least). So needless to say, my legs are just as blindly pale and white.

One of my aunts commented on how smooth my legs looked. Since they were freshly shaven they should be fairly smooth. But it made me remember when I wore a skirt a few years ago.

I walked outside on one of my days off to talk to my dad who was sitting in his beloved car/truck/SUV at the time.

He squinted at the sight of me. “Are you wearing tights?”

Confused I looked down. Had I forgotten that I had put on tights? “What?”

“Are you wearing tights? Where were you able to find tights that were so white?”

“I’m not wearing tights dad.”

“Oh my god. Those are your legs? You’re that pale? Get some sun!”

I’ll never know why he was so amazed I, his flesh and blood, was so extremely pale. I spend most of my time indoors since most time outside causes me to burn bright red like a lobster. He hated that about me. That I couldn’t make friends let alone any that wanted to spend any length of time with me.