Not a big fan of people normally. I’d be happy with never talking to most people again. This includes 98% of his friends. There are some of his friends that I’ve known for so long I wouldn’t cut them out. Like his best friend since the second grade. I practically grew up with him. And there are a few we both went to school with and know. I’d continue talking to them.

The rest…. I could live without. If I never spoke to or was contacted by them ever again, I’d be completely fine with it. Mom wouldn’t be and wants to keep them in her life. “Cause David would’ve wanted that.”

I honestly don’t think he’d care. Most of them have lied to us by now or gone back on their promises of helping us out. They cared for a few weeks. Now that everything is said and done, they couldn’t care less.

I’m just not a people person. They sure didn’t help with that.