Once again I disappeared for awhile. It… I should’ve known coming into June that this would be a rough month for me. Having my birthday come up (2 days from Dave’s 6 months), with father’s day the following week, and my parent’s wedding anniversary at the end of the month… June doesn’t seem like an amazing month. Even at this moment it’s past midnight and I can’t sleep. I need to drive my friend back to the airport to be on her way in a couple of hours.

While it was nice being on vacation, it didn’t help the massive panic attack and mental breakdown I had on my birthday. It was expected. It didn’t happen until I tried to go to sleep. I just kept waiting for texts and calls that will never come again. Not to mention every store I walk into has a million signs for father’s day. My heart hurts every time I see those signs. My friend literally pushed me out of a store as they tried to sell me things for my father and made my face drop.

I’m not exactly sure the point of this post. Maybe just to… talk.